EXIT project – “Son Cherished Most” new studio album

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EXIT Project Live Splashes EP Live Cover

Cover image 1EXIT project – “Son Cherished Most”: producer Oleg Smirnov meets multi-instrumentalist Kirill Parenchuk in a studio for one special recording. 

For over a decade tempted listeners has associated “EXIT project” with genre-bending musical exploits that traverse the realms of nu-jazz, downtempo, world music, electronica and challenge habitual expectations with thoughtful and evocative musical pieces. Being the first in the industry to release their album in digital 3plet mobile app format worldwide this unique is now setting new trends in intellectual art field.

This time the band’s producer, bassist and guitarist Oleg Smirnov came up with a studio release in collaboration with drummer, percussionist and soprano sax player Kirill Parenchuk. “Son Cherished Most” has come as a conclusion of a four-year collaboration of the two artists. “This album transcends that typical “music plus art-work” definition. It did start as a studio album, but has now grown into a quite autonomous multimedia entity unified by a single concept, which is illustrated with music, film, photography and text citation.” – comments Smirnov. “The unifying concept of Son Cherished Most is the idea of Transformation, the Inner Awakening. It’s, in a way, similar to what the alchemists did in the past, though in case of “Son Cherised Most”, it wasn’t external manipulation with material substances, but manipulation of sound, transformations in music.”

Ten-minute documentary captures the studio work and interviews, and carefully prepared images compliment the each-track text citations that range from Lewis Carroll to Tao Te Ching. Musically, the work immerses you into the stretched out journey floating over emotional and meditative landscapes which descend from European jazz, New Wave experimentation, Indian traditional music, and academic minimalism, as well as electronica, IDM, DUB and world music. Ever since Phillip Glass, David Sylvian and Dead Can Dance paved these paths, there have been fellow-travelers to challenge the ultimate meanings with artistic means.

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