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EXIT Project Live Splashes EP Live Cover

Moscow’s artistic band sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before. Sephardic grooves and jazz based compositions mix the energy of a rock show with the subtlety of a performance recital…

Alex Brown,

EXIT project delivers cosmic musical harmony with an eclectic approach. Where else can you hear a funked out dub version of John Zorn’s “Meholalot” complete with heavy bass and screeching violins?

WVKR FM Poughkeepsie, NY Radio Review

The genre-bending styles and musical exploits of the EXIT project traverse the world of nu- jazz, electronica, downtempo, fusion, and experimental realms. Tangerine Dream-like percussion displays and ambient washes combine with evocative club-beats and groovy melodies to provide an extremely engaging result; …morsel-filled with scrumptious delights of ear candy for the heart, soul, and everything in-between.

Matthew Forss, World Music News Network

Their globally inflicted music, dubbed “art-fusion,” belongs to the underground scene happening in Moscow. Their extended live pieces take you on a journey, twisting and turning with violin, saxophones, flute, didgeridoo, guitar, keyboards, bass, drums and tabla, displaying a wide range of musical influences…

Review, WVKR FM, NY Radio

…Russian art rock scene pops up and draws on all the international down tempo touchstones as well as an Art of Noise meets AEC vibe. Suppose Ibeza was closer to Siberia. This crew is an amalgam of hot players from other crews and the super jam yields a soundtrack for art chicks everywhere…

Midwest Record


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